Hello there!


My name is Bonnie.

Welcome to the home of 'The Little Beach Club Co'. I just wanted introduce myself and chat to you about why i started this little company and what you should expect from us in the future.

The inspiration behind The Little Beach Club Company is purely based on my love for dressing my little boy in 90's fashion, comfortable, ethical and safe clothing. I started to fall in love with picking outfits when my mother in law brought down my partners old toddler clothes from the attic - clothes were so much cooler back then!

Through The Little Beach Club Company, I wont solely be selling 90's style, but also funky 'big boy' clothing based on skater and surfer fashion; because i just love it. 

Hands up if you struggle to find clothes you love for your toddler that are not plastered with dinosaurs, trains, tractors and bears? Don't get me wrong, these are all adorable and children have the tendency to look cutest in a plain white baby grow anyway!

You may think most of what i've said is swaying towards clothing focused on boys, however, this is totally not the case; girls can absolutely pull off the skater/surfer vibe even better than boys! Everything i sell can be unisex and i will of course be adding ditsy dresses for those girly girls amongst us.

Have a little explore of our website thelittlebeachclubcompany.co and follow us on instagram for updates; we have some exciting projects in the pipe line!